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Another of the benefits our expertise brings, is the experience of working with a variety of companies from the professions involved in the property buying and selling process. As a result we have forged longstanding working relationships with established companies that we are happy to recommend to our own clients. If you have yet to appoint such a professional to help you with your purchase, any of the contacts below would be happy to hear from you.

Development finance from Regentsmead

Regentsmead; The fast, flexible, principal lender

Regentsmead was established in 1934 and we have been involved in the property market for over 70 years. We are principal lenders financing residential developments, refurbishments/conversions and also provide bridging finance.

James Bloom, the Director who heads the lending division has been with Regentsmead since 1987 and there are a number of other members of the team who have been with Regentsmead for over 15 years. This gives borrowers a level of continuity very unusual in the modern world which helps create and maintain long and profitable working relationships with our borrowers. Many of our borrowers have worked with us on numerous developments.

What are the benefits of borrowing from Regentsmead?

Regentsmead prides itself on the speed, efficiency and personal service we give to our borrowers. Being a principal lender we do not use any external sources for finance and are therefore able to provide ‘in-principle’ decisions over the telephone within a 5-10 minutes conversation about a proposed project.

We understand the critical importance of an immediate decision and therefore make the application process as simple as possible. Unlike other financial institutions we just ask for new borrowers to complete a double-sided application form and to supply us with a copy of their accounts. Once we have met with the borrower and approved the facility an offer letter can be drawn up immediately and funds can be available in a working week. We have recently completed a loan within four working days of meeting a borrower and we have this together with other editorial pieces located in the press coverage section on our website;

The scarcity of sites today means that some of our developers are unable to find suitable sites to develop and we have subsequently established links with land agents nationwide to assist. Our developers now discuss with us sites they are looking for and then are able to try and source them at no extra cost.

What gearing are we able to provide?

We usually look to provide between 70-80% of total costing for new builds and refurbishments/conversions. We can provide up to 50% towards the site acquisition and 100% of construction costs for new build and up to 65% towards the site acquisition and 100% cost of works for refurbishments.

If you would like to receive a copy of our literature or to discuss further how we can assist with one of your projects then please contact either James Bloom or Nicholas Warren on 020 8952 1414.

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